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You have followed the link from the sticker on my honey. I have bee hives in my garden in Valby, and the honey is harvested from them.

COVID-19 Information

It is not expected that the COVID-19 situation will effect the honey production.

Information for the bee year of 2020

Saturday, February 1st: It is 9,6°C outside, and the bees are flying, not in large numbers though. According to the books they will start flying when the temperature is about 10°C, so that's pretty normal. I do, however, fear that we will have some night frost in the near future. I'll refrain from opening the hives the next few weeks, in order not to disturb them too much.

Friday, February 14th: Weather is tremendously today, lots of bees flying; most likely I'll have a look at the hives in the weekend.

Information for the bee year of 2019

The season of 2019 did not start very well, as the queen in the sole hive has died, I'm hoping to succeed in a 'silent queen shift' -- but time will tell.

Tuesday, June 4th: It seems to work, queen Olga is dead, but we now have queen Petra that lays eggs by the hundreds. Law and order seem to be restored.

Saturday, June 29th: The spring honey has now been harvested; a total of about 13kg was harvested, which, considering the queen issues, is very well. All of the honey has been jarred and will be sold as fresh honey that will eventually crystalise.

Sunday, June 30th: We'll try to make yet another bee family, the queen and six frames with feed, brood and empty space has been put in the hive gl1; hence the family in gl2 must make themselves a new queen. There are many online guides on how to fork a new family, most recommend doing it after taking the last honey, but since now is a time when the bee families have too many bees for the territory, it might not be that bad.

Wednesday, July 3rd: My very own stickers from the Danish Bee Keeper Association have arrived, the business now looks very official. 11 jars of honey have already been delivered to very enthusiastic consumers. Please do review the product on Trustpilot.

Tuesday, August 6th: Eggs and brood has been seen in the gl2 hive, which tells me there is a queen somewhere; also, there's plenty of honey in there and I'm looking forward to harvesting it late August.

Monday, August 26th: Late harvest, so the bees have eaten quite a bit themselves, did get 9kg though. The winterfeeding and varroa mite treatment starts now.

Production Ledger

Member of the Danish Bee Keeper Association (Danmarks Biavlerforening - https://www.biavl.dk/), and the Copenhagen County Bee Keeper Union (Københavns Amts Biavlerforening - http://www.vokstavlen.dk/).

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